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Full service sprinkler experts

With over thirty years experience in the sprinkler industry the pros at Oasis Irrigation Services are ready to tackle any problems you may be facing with your sprinkler system. Whether it's a timer issue, problems with the pump, control valves, broken pipes, broken heads, or just bad coverage areas, we can get you up and running again.


We take great pride in every job we do, use the best products and materials available, and all work is guaranteed. So, if you're having trouble with an old system, or need a top quality new system installed, commercial or residential, call the pros and get back to a worry free lifestyle.



Maintenance Programs

A neglected sprinkler system can be a nuisance as well as costly. Periodic wet checks of your system can insure proper and efficient operation. A pump with a loss of prime, control valves not functioning, wiring damaged by excavation or lightning strikes, as well as broken heads or irrigation lines can lead to costly landscape damage. Contrary to popular belief, "the gardner" may not be the best man for the job!


A Certified Irrigation Contractor is skilled and trained to diagnose common problems in operation. There's no substitution for hands on experience, constructing systems from start to finish has provided the know-how of system operation. Improper diagnosis of a problem can often lead to unnecessary repairs and cost. There can be multiple reasons for a product to fail, Being familiar with these causes is the key.


Can't find a valve? Oasis Irrigation Services has the latest electronic wire tracking, valve locating, and testing equipment. Save time and money, get to the heart of the problem, quickly and efficiently.



Vanilla Ice Project

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